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What’s Cold Brewed Coffee

What's Cold Brewed Coffee

Are you looking for instructions on how to cold brew coffee in order to make a coffee concentrate or hot coffee treat? If so, the information you need to make cold brewed coffee is provided here, even if you do not have specialized equipment.

Cold brewing is a method of extracting the coffee flavor from coffee ground without the traditional method of hot water. This coffee making method takes longer than the more traditional route, but it produces a smooth rich concentrate that can be used in making iced coffee, or even a delicious cup of hot coffee. Cold brewed coffee also tends to be less acidic and may produce a richer tasting coffee than the quick, hot water brewing methods. Less acid also means less heartburn, allowing coffee to become a late night treat. Cold brewing produces a coffee concentrate which can then be used to make hot coffee, iced coffee, or a coffee flavored beverage. You’ll need a coffee maker designed for cold brew, which you can purchase or make yourself with equipment you already have at home. The key ingredients of successful cold brew are quality coffee, fresh water, and patience, as the mixture needs to steep for twelve hours.

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